Credit Risk Assessment


In keeping with the firm’s reputation as a problem solving practice, the aim of the Credit Risk Assessment project is to proactively eliminate non-payment of business debt by opportunistic debtors, reduce bad debt and streamline debt collection. The intended ultimate result is fewer handovers, less dependence on legal representation in the management of book debt and the reduction of legal expenses.

Loopholes existing in the trading process are identified and closed. The record of the business conducted between the client and its customer is enhanced so that each phase has the appropriate document, correctly worded and consistent with the other documents in the cycle, and legally compliant. Thereafter Warrick de Wet Attorneys’ follows up with a free training seminar for the client’s sales and credit teams who are responsible for working with these documents.

Related to this is due diligence and legislative compliance work which involves bringing a business’ existing trading and legal documentation into a state of compliance with recent changes in business law where appropriate, particularly with the advent of the Companies Act 2008 and the Consumer Protection Act 2008.

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