Divorce, Custody and Cohabitation Matters

The family related law work undertaken by Warrick de Wet Redman Attorneys includes divorce, either by opposed litigation or mediation, custody and visitation disputes, maintenance claims, cohabitation agreements and disputes.

This is an area where the firm can best provide practical solutions that achieve a fair and cost effective outcome. The firm’s focus is to resolve these matters quickly but fairly, with the least amount of damage to parent / parent and parent / child relationships which must necessarily survive a divorce.

Most often where the firm can assist in achieving a reconciliation between spouses without having to take legal action, it will not raise any fees for work done. The firm’s approach to marriage has spontaneously created a successful divorce mediation practise which serves to save couples the cost, time and trauma of protracted divorce litigation.

Experts in the field of family counselling, social work and financial planning are called on to assist in appropriate cases.

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